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Most of the content online is not original, there are at least 100 versions of popular content available, which conveys the same message. Get articles rewritten at the cheapest rate manually. Summaries of longer articles, papers, and studies can also be provided at a cost effective rate, to save time reading these elaborate papers and articles.
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All the rewritten articles will be checked using copyleaks to ensure that they are at least 80% original
Rewritten articles will be checked using Grammarly to ensure that the Grammarly score is at least 75
No article spinners used, content is handwritten manually
Can supply 5500 words of content daily , including sundays and holiday
First payment required after $10 worth of content is supplied
Weekly payment preferred
Original content can be modified to increase or decrease the word count
Summaries of articles can be provided
Buyer can send the original article to be rewritten in text or .rtf format
Alternately the buyer can send a link to the original article
For technical articles, errors or mistakes will be corrected
All articles will be technically correct
Buyer can reject the article if it does not meet his standards, however the content seller may reuse the rejected article
No payment is expected for the rejected article
Kindly note that content will usually not be provided to a content buyer who has rejected articles earlier, since the writing style does not conform to the buyers requirement
Buyer should specify the keyword to be used
Since sending emails is risky, due to interception, it is preferred that the user has an online interface, where the article will pasted and checked using copyscape
Free advice is offered on the options used by customers for uploading content, so that the customer can use the best option

Please note that the rates charged will vary depending on the quality required by the content buyer. Based on a review of various content buyers in Canada, USA, India, the criteria for accepting articles varies. Some of the criteria for accepting articles for customers are
Grammarly score - 75 or above
Fletsch/Yoast readability score - OK
Fletsch/Yoast readability score - Green
Copyleaks originality score or other criteria - 80% or above
Please note that more effort is required to ensure that the Yoast readability score is green, since sentences should be short. If Grammarly score of more than 95 is required, access to Grammarly premium is required. At present due to lack of orders, the content seller is unable to purchase Grammarly premium, so free version of Grammarly will be used for correcting errors.

Daily or weekly payment is preferred by Paypal or NEFT only. In case of bimonthly or monthly payment, less work will be done till the first payment is received.

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